Intuitive Spritual Coach & Energy Healer

I help woman new to spirituality to heal themselves and find their light so they can raise their vibrations and live in alignment with the universe and their soul purpose.

I am Sarah Duck.  All my life my family have been very open to spirituality and stuff.  My nana used to talk about family members who could talk to spirit, she’s even had contact with them and so as my mum.  I myself have been sensitive to spirit too, but as a child it scared me and I managed to shut it off.  Now in 2019 at 36 years old I opened up again and this is why I am here today.

I was very aware as a child that I could see shadows, I could feel like I was being watched a lot.  I used to be the child that would turn on all the lights and run to the bathroom because I was aware spirit were around and I was scared in case I saw any.  Today I am now open again and now I m not scared.  It’s only the beginning and I’m excited to see were this all takes me.

My business journey is on my about page and linked at the bottom of it to a blog post if you want to read more.

What I Do

Astro Numerology




Energy Healing


The Monsters in your head will no longer win, because you are the force that stops the war.
Sarah Duck
Spiritual Coach


My Business Story

My business story. How I went from feeling like I’d lost who I was, to finding my life purpose and creating the business of my dreams with complete confidence in who I am.

blog title are you a lightworker

Are you a lightworker?

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