Intuitive energy worker and spiritual coach

I help spiritual woman to find and live in alignment with their soul purpose through intuitive energy work, divination, energy healing and coaching.

What I Do

Find Yourself

Discover what makes you tick, was your passionate about and how to be who you are meant to be.


Learn about spiritual techniques and how to best integrate then into your life in a way to suit you.

Life Purpose

Find and learn to live in alignment with your life purpose, whether that's life or business and career.


Card Reading, Pendulum Reading, Intuition and More.

Energy Healing

Distant Reiki and Crystal Healing services.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils knowledge for spirituality.


I’m also a mum and wife.  I love reading, I love building and creating my own content, graphics, logos and website.  I love playing games and reading Stephen Kings and other horror and thriller books in my downtime.

I am Sarah Duck and I own Spiritual Owls.  This kind of work has been my dream since I was a child. All my life my family have been very open to spirituality and similar stuff, ,my Nan still talks about older family members who could talk to spirit and a couple of actually used to do it too back when it was still very much shunned I guess.  She has even had contact with them herself and so as my mum so this kind of thing runs in my family.

I was sensitive to spirit too, but as a child it scared me and I managed to shut it off.  Now in 2019 at 36 years old I opened up again and this is why I am here today actually doing the work I love and the work that is very much part of my life purpose.

I was very aware as a child that I could see shadows and sense things that “wasn’t” there, I could feel that I was being watched a lot.  Those children that run across the landing to use the toilet at night, yes that was me, although I’d turn every single light on on the way. This was because I was aware spirit were around and I was scared in case I saw any.  It was more than the boogy man in the closet kind of thing, it was very real.  Today I am now open again and now I m not scared.  It’s only the beginning and I’m excited to see were this all takes me.

My business journey is on my about page and linked at the bottom of it to a blog post if you want to read more.

The Monsters in your head will no longer win, because you are the force that stops the war.
Sarah Duck
Intuitive Life Purpose Coach


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