How Can You Improve Your Intuition?

How Can You Improve Your Intuition?

Choose Your Pile

How can you improve your intuition? Take a moment to concentrate on the piles. Close your eyes, centre yourself and clear you mind. Think of the question and open your eyes and the first one your eyes focus on is the pile you choose. Feel free to choose more than one pile if you feel drawn to do so.

Pile 1

Trust in what thoughts you’re getting, especially when you are asking for guidance. Take note of your gut instant and initial thoughts. Also take notice of your feeling and your dreams. Stay open and trust in your guidance.

Release any worry and anything that isn’t deserving you. Stop doubting yourself, if you feel something is your intuition, it most likely is. Don’t search for the guidance, but trust that it will come and don’t attach yourself to a specific way the guidance will come in.

Your intuition will improve, you will learn to trust in the information you are getting and as you grow spiritually so will your intuition.

You already have a strong intuition, you perhaps just want to improve it more, or learn how to tell which thoughts are your intuition and which are your ego. The opportunity to find this information you seek is there, even if you feel like it isn’t improving quite yet, it is. Just keep moving forward with it. Make sure you’re taking action on whatever guidance you’re getting too, it will help you learn to trust more.

Don’t push it, just relax, meditate and take care of yourself, your intuition will likely come easier when you are in a relaxed state and not worrying, pushing or forcing things to happen.

Thank you for reading pile 1. Have an amazing day.

Pile 2

You’ve been working hard to improve your intuition. It’s really paying off for you and you will soon trust your guidance more and be using it to stay in alignment and move forward.

Keep trusting and stay devoted to your plan of improving your intuition and trusting that it is exactly that, that you’re listening too. Your guidance is from your angels, your spirit guides and your loved ones who have passed over. They want what’s best for you and they are enjoying watching you flourish.

You’re releasing worry and really starting to trust your guidance. You know your intuition is improving and you know to trust it. Keep going as you are and your dreams will really start becoming your reality. Enjoy this process and the journey your on.

Keep on trusting and loving it and asking for guidance. Wear green, open your heart chakra more and love the whole journey. Things are really starting to improve, even if you can’t currently see it.

Thank you for reading pile 2. Have an amazing day.

Pile 3.

You need to start trusting yourself more, You are doubting yourself and your guidance. You don’t believe it’s guidance at all and keep second guessing it and then the ego comes in and then the doubt follows.

There is guidance you’re getting, but it could be so much more if you just trusted and followed your guidance. You have the ability to really create an amazing life and amazing experiences if only you trusted more. Your loved ones in spirit want you to know that you have what it takes to succeed.

You don’t believe you are ready, you don’t believe you have what it takes. Your self doubt is really stopping you from progressing and now it’s time to stop with the self doubt and start to trust yourself, your abilities and your intuition. When you start to trust, it will start to improve.

You’re also not taking action on whatever guidance you’re getting and it’s because you are not trusting yourself or trusting that this is guidance that your receiving.

Its time to trust and take the action on this guidance, you are being supported every step of the way.

Thank you for reading pile 3, Have an amazing day.

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Thank you for being here.

Sarah xx

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