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If you love, energy healing, tarot and oracle readings, and spirituality then this membership program is for you.

What do you get?

  • Monthly in-depth readings.
  • Weekly in-depth readings exclusive to members
  • New Moon energy readings and intention setting.
  • Full moon energy readings and releasing 
  • Monthly distance energy healing and ASMR video
  • At least One pick a card reading just for members
  • 25% discount code for all readings or healing sessions you order.
  • Membership Only Group Access on Facebook where you’ll be able to watch all content if you don’t like to log in to the website.
  • Personal Live Card readings in the group twice a month.
  • One personal reading on any topic or question of your choice every month when requested.  (check my shop for what type of readings I do)
  • Personal monthly PDF reading into your email inbox each month for the month ahead.
  • Mini Topic with Reading and a review on this same topic later in the month.
  • Also a discount or bonus off on all courses and one to one coaching sessions for members only.

Over £100 of content every month for just £25 per Month

7 Day Trial on Every Plan

Payments are Automatically Taken at the end of your 7 Day Trial unless cancelled.

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Choose How Often You Pay

Pay Monthly, Every Three Months, Every Six Months and Every Year.

All Plans Get A 7 Day Free Trial

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Pay Every 12 Months


How does all this help you?

You will discover what the energies are each month and week.

What to focus on each new moon and full moon for intentions and releasing.

Any topic you want to get more insights on personal to you with your one reading a month.

Any personal things that may need focus on each month personal to you.

Access to me in group.

Discount codes on future courses and readings.

Bonus Content just for members and much more.


It’s more than just a membership site, it’s peace of mind that you are heading in the right direction and spirit guidance along the way.

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