All Life Areas



This is a reading which will dig into all life areas.  It’s in in-depth reading that will go into several life areas and pull up any information spirit or the universe want you to know right now and any advice that you may need to improve these areas.  Unlimited amount of cards can be pulled here so it may be a long reading.

It will answer 3 questions per life arra

1. Where are you at now?

2. What is blocking You?

3. How to move forward?


Life Areas include:

  • Home Life
  • Family Life
  • Friends and social life
  • Work or business
  • Finances
  • Spirituality
  • Health (related to energy and chakras and not to diagnose any medical conditions)
  • Relationships (romantic, friend, or other)
  • Yourself
  • Emotional Self
  • Any other areas that may come up


Readings will be recorded and a private video link sent to your email address within 2-4 working days, you will be emailed if this needs to be changed.

This is for 18 + and entertainment purposes only.


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