Business, Career or Finance



This reading will be for existing or planned businesses.

This will answer 11 questions.

  1.  Current situation with business, career or finance
  2. Past influences that helped bring the current situation
  3. What helps change the current situation
  4. What is the potential future
  5. What is working
  6. What isn’t working
  7. Untapped strengths
  8. Weaknesses
  9. Next steps
  10. 3-6 month potential future
  11. 6-12 months potential future

Readings are recorded and a private video link emailed to you within 2-4 working days, if it takes longer I will email you to confirm another date.

Readings take on average of 30 minutes but may be longer or shorter.  There is no limit to the number of cards I pull for your reading.

All readings are for 18+ and entertainment purposes only.




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