I have a range of services, so you can find one at a price to suit you.

Welcome to Sarah Duck Spiritual Owl

I help spiritual women to transform into their true selves and live in alignment with their soul purpose.

My Services

Pendulum and Other Readings

Yes or No with 3 card Readings, small card readings and others

Starting at £5.55

Email Typed Readings

You receive a PDF to your email address with your email reading to read at your own time.


Monthly Reading Subscription

You get a PDF with your personalised monthly reading each month.


Distant Healing

Distant Healing Sessions with or without card readings with private video link.

Starting at £22.22

Video Readings

Video readings done and emailed to you via a private link after it’s completed.

Starting at £22.22

Membership Site

Join the spiritual and card reading membership site with distant healing session.


One to One Coaching Sessions (Coming Soon)

Individual Coaching and Reading Sessions.  One to One on Video Call.

Starting at £33.33

Courses (Coming Soon)

Spirituality, Mindset, Transformation and much more. coming soon.

Starting  at £44.44

One to One Coaching Packages (Coming Soon)

Coaching Service Packages with healing and readings included.  One to One 

Starting at £222 for an 8 session package.


I am Sarah Duck Spiritual Owl. I help spiritual women to transform into their true selves and live in alignment with their soul purpose.

I am a oracle and tarot card reading who reads cards using my intuition. I am also a Reiki Master, Crystal healer and life purpose coach.

I provide card readings, pendulum readings, distant healing sessions, courses, and coaching services for those who want healing, guidance, support and peace of mind.

What is Your Soul Calling You to Do?

This is one of my most popular card readings, and coincidentally, this is the first one I ever recorded for my YouTube channel. Equally, check out my other readings on my YouTube Channel.

Have a Pick a Card Requests Or Technical Issues?

Technical Issues happen, and so do money issues.  I completely understand that, so if you want a reading on a particular subject I am open to requests for pick a card readings for my YouTube channel, blog or Facebook Page.  If you have either, please let me know using the contact page linked below.

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